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ASMPDC Presents

Walter Calahan: A Conversation about Creativity

This event has passed. Its description is archived below.

Join us on March 13, 2012 at Glen Echo PhotoWorks for a compelling presentation on creativity by Walter Calahan.

In Walter's own words:
"Too often we hear that innovation happens by simply Thinking outside the box. Underlying this phrase is the notion that the box is bad, and being outside is good. The truth is Think Outside the Box is an empty phrase, not a path to innovative solutions.
The first step towards innovation happens when you Master the Box. Mastery, coupled with our innate human capacities for wonder, passion, empathy, and creative playfulness, prepares us for the journey of seeing the Box in new ways. Mastery is our safety net that allows us to step outside into a new perspective. Mastery is the tool that converts new ideas into real world solutions."

Walter Calahan's keynote presentation is a visual memoir of the people who taught him that all creative problem solvers are masters of their domain.

About Walter:

Walter Calahan's photographic career has taken him under the Atlantic Ocean aboard a US Navy Trident Submarine, down lava tube caves in Idaho, and into surgical clinics for Afghan refugees in Pashawar, Pakistan. He's been canoeing in the Okefenokee Swamp and the great northern woods of Canada, been launched off the deck of a US Navy Aircraft Carrier, watched children learning to tap dance, and documented the tumult of the Romanian Revolution.
Walter's work has been widely published in magazines including The National Geographic, Time, Fortune, Smithsonian, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. His clients include General Electric, Yamaha, The Washington Performing Art Society, Hillel Foundation, and Harvard Business School.